General questions and rules
Why my bet was refunded?

Your bet can be refunded due to some reasons including:

  • bets accepted during technical problems that would otherwise not have been accepted;
  • bets placed on events/offers that have already been finished;
  • bets placed after the indicated market results are known;
  • bets on markets containing incorrect participants;
  • bets placed at odds that are materially different from those available in the general market at the time the bet was placed;
  • bets offered at odds which reflect an incorrect score situation or else.
Why can’t I place a bet?
Can I play in Casino, if i haven’t got cryptocurrency on my Account balance?
How can I transfer the cryptocurrency from my Account balance into Casino balance?
What is BM6, ET3, and LT3?
In what cryptocurrency can I play in Casino?
Why was my bet suspended?
If I place a bet by mistake can this bet be refunded?
How to change the cryptocurrency in which I’d like to bet?
How do I activate the Bonus?
What is the Safe bet?
Why my bet was accepted as a Vip bet?
How do I place Vip bet?
How do I place a Multiple bet?
What is a Multiple bet?
Why join Betmatch?
Where can I find more information about the company?
Where can I view your Terms & Conditions?
What kind of information can I see in my bet history?
Why hasn’t my bet been placed?
If I place a bet by mistake can this bet be voided?
How can I calculate the profit from my bet?
If I place a bet by mistake can this bet be voided?
What are the Rule 4 deductions?
Does my football bet include extra time/penalties?
Why was my bet settled as lost if I made a bet on the match winner (1X2) and my team won on extra-time or penalty shoot-out?
What happens to my bet if a game is postponed?
What happens to my bet if a match is not completed or not played?
How does a non-runner affect my bet?
How is my bet settled if one or more selections do not participate?
What happens to my bet if an event I bet on didn’t start/finish?
What are Outright/To Qualify Football Bets in Cup Matches?
What is Moneyline in betting?
How to understand 1X2 (W1/X/W2)?
What are the Full, Half, and Quarter Lines in Handicap betting?
What is the difference between Asian and European Handicaps?
What are the Dead Heat rules?
What is a Dead Heat?
Odds on vs. odds against
Odds conversion table
American odds explained
Fractional odds explained
Decimal odds explained
Betting odds and probability
How do I place a tricast?
What is a single bet?
What kind of bets can I place?
General betting rules
Betting terms
Who can place bets?
How to access sports betting?
What is sports betting?
Competitors with the Same Name
Bet Acceptance
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What do I do if I have suggestions/ideas?
What is data supplied by a third party?
What are the sports governing bodies?
What is the IBAS?
How do I make a formal complaint?
How can I leave feedback?
Who do I contact if I have further sports betting related questions or concerns?
What should I do if my selected bets do not appear in my bet slip?
Who can I talk to if I have a query about the payment of my bet?
How do I view my bet history?
When do I get my bet winnings?
Why has my bet not returned as much as indicated when the bet was placed?
Why was my bet settled incorrectly?
Where can I view my pending bets?
Why has my bet not been settled?
What does my bet “In process” status mean?
Why was my bet voided?
Can I cancel my bet?
Can I change a placed bet?
How to view my recent bets?
Where can I see the result of bets I have placed?
Where do I see all my bets?
How do I know if my bet has been placed?
How can I calculate my bet returns?
How do I change the odds format?
How to understand the odds?
What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can bet?
Can I place a bet via the support team?
How do I place a bet?
Can someone else let me bet on his/her account?
Can I let someone else bet on my account?
Where can I see the games/events starting soon?
What are the sports available to bet on?
Is it legal for me to bet from my country/territory?