How it Works: blockchain solution for bookmakers by RevelDevelopment
Cryptocurrency deposits in one click
After sending ETH directly to the Ethereum contract address, the user can see his cryptocurrency balance by clicking on the Account/Balance button in the top-right corner.
Bet on desired event
At Betmatch, You can choose from a wide variety of sports and bet types. Just place a bet on the desired event and keep your fingers crossed for your favorite player or team!
Receive a trustworthy and fast payout in case of win
After the event is finished and the result of the event is known, our smart contract automatically processes bets. So, the winners get an instant payout.

Betting in 2020

Bookmakers are using outdated technologies:

  • Complex and expensive fiat financial infrastructure
  • Extremely high user-acquisition costs due to direct marketing
  • Fully-centralized business with little or no community components

Betmatch concept

User experience:

  • Convenience of on-demand mobile betting and limits of private betting service
  • High-incented and transparent social betting providers
  • Greatly reduced commissions
  • Zero commissions for members (token holders)

Betmatch concept

Financial principles:

  • Fast and easy deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurency
  • Trustworthy and code-guaranteed wins payout
  • Funds are always controlled by the customer (until he loses a bet)

Betting in 2020

Fund transfers and bets are still in fiat:

  • Complexity of fund transfers (especially large sums)
  • Necessity to trust the bookmaker completely
  • High commissions and low bet limits

Advantages over Competitors

prediction markets
Prediction Markets

Unprecedented degree of security ensured by decentralization
A wide variety of sports and bet types
Traditional customer experience, convenient for the majority of players
No place for insider trading and speculation
Lower commissions

prediction markets
Betting protocols and p2p betting

Liquidity (p2p and protocols are illiquid now)
Variety of events and bets
We are ready to build a real-working and long-standing (long-term) business

prediction markets
Traditional betting operators

Decentralized and trusted sports betting framework
Rich user experience through an off-chain service layer
Security, anonymity, and autonomy
Convenient matching procedure
Easy and fast funds transfers
No payouts worries ensured by a trustworthy paradigm
Low (and even zero V4rtFEreW) commissions

Key differentiators

financial side
Financial side is easy and reliable

Solely cryptocurrency – fast and trustworthy payments. No banks and e-money required.
Decentralized bet calculation – no chances of not getting a prize
Trustworthy funds storage – customer’s money is always safe

financial side
Improved user experience

High limits – you don’t need to search where to bet anymore
Transparent social betting – key of comfortable social interactions and experience monetization
Low and even zero commissions – win more with every bet

Betmatch generates revenue through multiple processes:
Betting wins against users (house wins against customer losses)
Commissions for all bets (for non-token holders)
Withdrawal commissions from user wallets (from non-token holders)
Ancillary income (non-betting income such as advertising)
Blockchain and smart contracts system provide

Total transactions transparency
Fast transaction execution
Top-level data encryption
Precision and error possibility elimination
Mistrust issue solution
Decentralized and autonomous system, no need for intermediaries
Data immunity to information leak and cyber attacks
Full control over your funds

Professional bookmaker analytics

Faster and better decision-making
Dynamic coefficients
Unfortunate events probability minimization due to a system of risk management
A wide range of useful and meaningful statistical facts


Industry standard UI/UX
Delegate social system
Staking discount token economy
Social betting system